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The career of the politicians becomes very lucrative and paying, more and more people are getting interested in this profession, and more and more political parties are being born. But even now the percentage of Muslims going to educational, technical, medical and other professional institutions is much less than their population.

Usually, he has good influence over the general people. Lastly, then comes the attitude of the government. The fact that the menace has survived and thrived through the ages speaks volumes about its endurance. To top it all Gulf War in it showed the superiority of Western weaponry vis a vis Soviet systems.

Only symbols are elected not politicians. There are five profound changes in Indian foreign policy made by Raja C. The pressure group was huge in both cases: The principles are the moral principles.

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This economic disparity between the two communities is creating wide gap and many misunderstanding; one community feeling that it is being constantly exploited by the other or that the richness of one is only at the cost of poverty of the other.

They should come forward in support of public-welfare schemes such as food for all, house for all, education for all, etc.

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Getting that Israel would reject the USSR offer, the administration wane it to encouraged the United Kingdom to introduce the new way of pact that was alternative version for every state.

The politicians must place for the five years by the rule of Indian constitution. I always wanted to find answers to these questions and that is why I chose this subject for my assignment.

Israel took this opportunity to improved their relations with the countries that once were in the Soviet bloc Eastern Europe and Central Asia and many others previously reluctant sides to have fully-respectful relations and improving growth with Jerusalem in many topics.

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He also noted that while it is possible to ascertain the movements of bird flying in the sky, it is difficult to gauge the corrupt activities of government officials. Bad boys care for their examination only when it comes too near. In India, There are a bunch of scams in recent past in the Indian administration.

At that time Tehran became concerned mostly over the association of radical and that each Arab state had some connection with Moscow. All these communities lived with each other in perfect toleration. It has persisted for centuries.

They point out that Ministers both at the Centre and states make such statements at times to win favour of religious communities which result in disharmony, raise un-necessary hopes and make false promises which they cannot keep. The World Bank Enterprise Survey also confirms the prevalence of bureaucratic and administrative corruption in the country.

All those who are eighteen years of age have a right to vote. Why Indian politics takes place The Indian politics takes place, just because in the most cases, the public cannot handle every situation of the country, so the reason is not far or difficult to seek.

Not only this, but they threaten that if any attempt is made to change these laws then the Muslims will not hesitate to make any sacrifice to save that.

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Israel and India established its full diplomatic relations on January 29 They do not hesitate to spread communal violence to maintain their existence and if need be spread even communal hatred.Politics is the concept which provides the manner and the rules to govern a state and country. Its approach is to provide good governance.

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The real power lies in the hands of the people who elect the people who rule the country.

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The basic principle of democracy is that it should have a wide participation by the people. Analysis of India in Comparative Politics Essay - Analysis of India in Comparative Politics Perhaps the most important issue to be addressed after the publication of this book is.

The politics of India takes place within the framework of its constitution. India is a federal parliamentary democratic republic in which the President of India is the head of state and the Prime Minister of India is the head of government.

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