Merits and demerits of studying abroad

He asserts that people who came to China from other countries contributed immensely to democratic development and economic revolution of the present day China. The Institute for International Education of Students IES conducted a survey to explore the long-term impact of study abroad on the personal, professional, and academic lives of students.

You should write at least words. To illustrate, when a student travels abroad for study, he will be completely exposed to positive traditions and cultures of such people. Unfair Judgment An exam measures how the student has performed on a particular day. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet native students of the destination country you are going to, but also international students from numerous countries.

Of course, study abroad is a serious undertaking. In recent years more and more English-taught study programmes have been established. Eventually you will find a job and career, and the opportunity to study abroad may turn out to be a once in a life time opportunity. Maybe we can help you decide.

Adopting in a new environment often hampers the natural flow of study for many students and some students do not continue their study to earn money when they are abroad. There is no doubt that studying abroad will change your life.

That might be the right thing for you! The author is concerned with evaluating the impact of these students upon their return to China. Sure, there are many benefits for studying abroad, but one should not forget about the advantages of studying at home.

You might find that studying abroad really brings out your independent nature. When you study abroad you will find incredible new foods, customs, traditions, and social atmospheres.

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China hosted nearlyforeign students in but has a target to attractstudents by ; Japan is aiming for a target ofinternational students in ; and Malaysia wants to attractforeign students by You will think of the answer yourself and then see how fairly students are judged based on a piece of paper.

Subjective Examinations Open book exams are a part of this category. You are more marketable to potential employers after your study abroad experience.

100 essay ielts advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

The author appreciates that the Chinese students who went to study abroad strengthened their mother countries are they were better informed than the students who remained back. Exams are a push that every student needs in life.

Also, overseas students learn foreign languages to cope with the new culture they involved in. Learn more about studying in your home country.

In this regard, such students can become better managers and decision makers due to their immense exposure. Each correct answer in usually awarded one point and incorrect answers are in some cases marked negatively.

It is no secret that there are vast differences between the various regions within one country, so chances are you can experience a cultural shock here as well. The study highlighted that mobile students are more likely to get managerial positions in their future careers and are less likely to experience long-term unemployment.

While these students are busy studying abroad, they interact with other leading firms and gain experience of how things are done from another level.

Studying in your home country

The qualification gained open the door to get better job opportunities with high salaries. More and more students are choosing to study at colleges and universities in a foreign country. One problem is that it can affect students psychologically. You will be delighted to hear that currently, banks have introduced top-up schemes for the educational loans they offer in order to fill the gap caused by the exchange rate fluctuation.

Scholarships Scoring well in exams brings some real benefits.The advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad In my opinion I thought there is a lot of advantages for studying abroad,Firstly it'll help to know other culture,Secondly it'll make the student more independent and help him to learn anew language however there will be a lot of problem to face such as the lack of parents and family which.

Studying abroad has a lot of advantages. A person becomes more mature and independent. He can live his own way and manage his life without any outside help. The key benefits of studying abroad are associated with global exposure and education, skill development, foreign language study, international exposure to study area, learning new foreign language and high job prospects.

Studying abroad is a major decision for any individual thinking of going for higher education overseas because once you leave your home country you do not only have to worry about the studies and career but also have to adjust yourself with a different culture, language and people of the foreign country.

Studying in foreign countries have its own merits and demerits. I strongly believe that the positive aspects of studying abroad overweight the negative aspects of this trend. Studying at universities in abroad has several advantages. Disadvantages of Studying Abroad There are numerous disadvantages such as high cost of education and standard of living.

Nigerian education is way cheaper than the education in other countries.

Merits and demerits of studying abroad
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