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Once they have got going and can't get any wetter, the rain stops them over-heating and adds to the fun maybe not for all runners! We are told, and it has never been denied, that the aged have little or no quiet; the able, no adequate employment; the vicious are not effectually restrained; the idle are not made to work; and, worse than all, the young.

Anonymous, Newark I would just like to commend all the officers involved in the search for Ryan Evans at Westport Lake over the past few days.

Council plans and policies

Anonymous, Hucknall Lucy attended the sudden death of my mother and must be commended on the way she carried out her duty at a sensitive time. Even so, it should be noted that the land it is privately owned. It is now called County Hall. It has steadily grown in size and popularity since the first one in which started in Slab Square at the sound of Little John striking 10am.

You really cheered him up! The methodology does not account for the turnover of spaces, which will ultimately have a direct impact on the required level of provision. Both of your officers were an absolute credit nottinghamshire county council business plan the police force and we would like to pass on our gratitude for their assistance during and throughout the job.

The combined area elects 17 MPs, of whom 14 represent seats entirely within the Kent County Council area and another whose constituency is in both Kent and Medway. However, when the fund ran out, the Poor Law Commissioners finally gave way and allowed, temporarily at least, out-relief for the able-bodied in return for manual labour such as stone-breaking.

Again, he was helpful and kind. The control room advised they would ask an officer to check on him. This ensured that a potentially hysterical situation involving missing children remained calm and under control. In slick fashion, it took less than an hour to feed hot dogs, mushy peas and drinks to over people—including many children, and then entertain them with a fantastic free fireworks display.

For further information about Nottinghamshire's Sustainable Community Strategy please contact Matthew Garrard or Steve Derbyshire via the details below.

The Council were at first uncertain who was responsible for the upkeep and safety of the fence. Not much fun for them so we have to be thankful for their efforts.

I was so worried however he just carried on and told me he would be ok. Just wanted to 'thank you so much'. Supper at half-past five o'clock for the children, which consists of an unlimited supply of bread and milk porridge, as at breakfast. Patrick Wilkins, Southampton I witnessed your amazing police officers trying so hard to save the life in a lady knocked down by the coach I was on today.

Anonymous, Newark In the last 12 months, Notts police have been involved in supporting 2 people I've known who were suffering ill mental health. Louis had a similar dynamic and larger than life personality to that which hade served his brother so well in business and he was to be the dominant figure at the Foundry for the next 45 years.

In his senior role, there is no doubt that he contributed greatly to the success of the company throughout his long service, not least, as we will see, in the way that he guided the company through important changes following the death of Louis Pearson in As a point of reference the Church Tower is approx.

She was caring polite and professional and all the family would like to say thank you. The whole of the area once covered by the former non-metropolitan county of Humberside, including the Lincolnshire parts, is part of the government office region of Yorkshire and the Humber originally Yorkshire and Humberside.

And that was only one of many up and down the land, as a peep into the catalogue shows. From the start, despite their close family relationship, the three men operated the new business with professionalism and formality.

Nottinghamshire County Council £10m plan to axe offices

Anonymous, Nottingham September I had broken down in my Audi A4 silver and the group of officers arrived shortly afterwards by chance but helped by moving my car to a nearby lay-by so safe and let me and my six year old son sit in their van and gave us a drink and helped me contact a breakdown service as I was struggling to find the phone number.

There was an immediate recognition that the Brown Lane site was totally inadequate to accommodate the scale of the operation they had in mind. You can view them by going to the website and searching for "Robin Hood Marathon " photos: They rang my phone provider to set up a new phone for me, they got in touch with my family for spare house and car keys and to pick me up and then escorted me to the tram.

No bread is allowed to this dinner, except what may have been reserved from a previous meal; instead of this being served to them by measure, the stew, which is good, is served without limit.

I didn't expect what might be seen as a minor crime to receive such a high level of attention. It is thought that two-thirds of the weavers do not, on an average, earn more than 10s. My initial contact to the police was regarding a difficult topic and Sergeant Wilson was sensitive and empathetic.

One such associate was Charles Mason, a self employed Civil Engineer who came to settle in Beeston from his native Lincolnshire To be honest, running in the rain is not much of a problem for runners.

Nottinghamshire County Council

These photographs give you a taste what was on offer.Contact the Council. Find and talk with us online or contact us directly by online form, email, telephone, post or in person at one of our offices.

A plan to abolish district and borough councils has taken a step forward after £, in funding was approved to draw up a business plan. It would see the creation of a new single council for.

The story of the Beeston Boiler Company - known locally as 'The Foundry' - is inseparable from that of the Pearson family which, by the time of the midth century when our story begins, had lived and worked as market gardeners in Chilwell, the community immediately adjacent to Beeston, for upwards of years.

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Information on services for residents including Waste & Recycling, Planning, Council Tax, Housing, Leisure, Doing It Online, Community Living, Town Centres and more.

The plan to dump thousands of tons of waste in Cropwell Bishop was rejected by both our Parish and County Council but the applicant appealed and today the Planning Inspector announced that he was overruling that decision and allowing the plan to go ahead.

Information from Nottinghamshire County Council on local services, latest news, job vacancies, tourism and Robin Hood.

Nottinghamshire county council business plan
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