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It's not that he doesn't care about what happens to them, it's just that he has not shown any romantic affection of sorts for them It is not totally balanced, but a good number of the girls have a good spotlight. You put the cheat codes in at the phone booth which is at the bottom left of the map where you find Ace's wallet and go to the masion and give it to him The gifts for Emerson are the cd and hamburger.

Days Sim Dates

In this game, Pacthesis appears in the school library to give you luck. Edit Wonderland Days, based on the classic story Alice in Wonderland was released near the end of March The player can date up to 8 characters and visit 4 different planets: After that, Lisesharte tells him she plans to dub him her personal knight.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is a little weird about this. The main character is Alice, who is sitting beside her best friend Noah.

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All of them happen to follow different endings such as Tick? Danced with you happily, Clark then asked you to stay. By the time he meets Yumina the first girl to actually propose to him and make her intentions clearhe gets told by God himself that polygyny is A-OK in this new world and only a few episodes later, Yumina agrees to share him with the other girls, making Marry Them All the only sensible ending.

It seemed to start out averting the harem tropes, but thanks to a major arc it became an actual harem with Keima unwillingly pursuing 5 girls at the same time, in cooperation with another one of his harem members, all at the urging of yet another one of his harem members the one who at first it seemed might be the lead harem girl.

A secondary one-sided relationship is also brought in. Not that it matters since fans only care for the main character's younger brother. Bad Ending with Elliot: It starts off as the renamable character named Evelyn who is trapped in Pactheland, an amusement park full of references to other games by Pacthesis including Pacthesis mascots: In this game you can see a meter that shows the level of relationship with the other characters.

The Making of Memory Days Sim Date

I don't know if it helps or not but it can never hurt just to make sure. In fact, there are multiple sequels. Hobbies she has besides art are programming and collecting figures.


Masuzu blackmailed him into being her fake boyfriend, and they claim to dislike each other, but there's clearly more to it than that. Over time, the Spirts grow more comfortable with sharing Shidoeven giving each other advice in how to improve their dates with him.

Many of the girls do eventually become attracted to Rito, making the Love Triangle between him, Haruna and Lala morph into a Love Dodecahedron and all of them have balanced screentime.

Umi no Misaki has a male lead who genuinely cares for all the girls in his harem and takes all three of them out on dates, occasionally at the same time. Clark then promises Anne to take her onto the surface next month.

Wonderland Days Sim Date

To unlock Ace click around the bushes near the telephone booth, It's the lighter green one. Edit Kingdom Days is set in a kingdom neighboring Wonderland and was released on 5th September Additionally, this trope is required to save The Dragon from performing a Heroic Sacrifice at the end of the game.

Oreshura is shaping up to be this. They are still competing to be his number 1, however. One day, something strange happened and she found the book.

This plot type is common in Light Novel series and their adaptations, probably because of the low production costs, and the lack of hostile market competition, that allows writers to lengthen a plot for dozens of volumes. It turns out that she can go back to her world only after 30 days, i.

The plot intentionally tries to balance out the relationship, with equal amounts of screen time, fanservice, and plot relevance for the girls. Sekirei is very cleverly balanced, cause Minato has specifically stated that he likes all his girls equally, and wants to return ALL their feelings.

Its Spiritual Successor Photo Kanoand its sequel, Seirenalso follow this format for the same reason.The Days Sim Date series is Pacthesis' current series of sim dates. It began with Festival Days in and is still ongoing with the most recent being Star Days, released in May Memory Days is a "revised" version of Anime Sim Date and Pacthesis also uploaded "fake" sim dates titled Another Days, Another Days 2 and Another Days 3, and Rainbow Days for April Fool's Day inand.

Wonderland Days Sim Date is a girl's love simulation game which Pacthesis released on January 31st, It was based on the classical story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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Play dating sims inspired by anime, visual novels and otome games. Play online for free on Pacthesis Games — official home to the Days Sim Date series. More games and dating sims from me: This is a dating sim for you boys out there (No hentai though!) Whew! My first sim date ever!

Be nice to it! If it's acting weird, then just refresh the page, please! And this game is really easy just be nice to the girls.

A Subtrope of the Harem Anime genre, a Romantic Comedy with one male protagonist, and a bunch of girls who are all in love with him, and equally close to him. The plot intentionally tries to balance out the relationship, with equal amounts of screen time, fanservice, and plot relevance for the girls.

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Pacthesis anime date sims
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