Use of dashes in business writing

A number of short courses were requested, such as ; policy development, speaking, and writing. DO NOT use underlining in document design, particularly in heading.

Dashing through the Snow

Dashes Dashes are frequently the most misused of all punctuation marks. The longest mark is the em dash —followed by the en dash — and then the shortest is the hyphen.

Dashes in English

Basically, a dash is properly used in two ways: In this second revision, the colon again occurs after a complete sentence, which introduces the series.

I went to the mall yesterday. Conclude with at least one sentence to give your readers a sense of completeness. The report added that Clint Jackson the man we nearly hired four years ago had accepted the new manager's slot. A dash is actually comprised of two hyphens put together and is used completely differently.

The four brother are not unintelligent, in fact, they all own their own family business, but they will seek their father's advice readily. In this revision, the colon occurs after the complete sentence, which introduces the series.

Drop off the dry cleaning. An article or report that uses nothing but short sentences with commas and periods is going to seem awfully monotonous after just a few minutes of reading.

Common prefixes requiring a hyphen include ex- all- and self. His behavior was well known to teachers in the school. This is becoming less and less common with the advent of word processing programs that allow for easy insertion of a bold, italicized, or highlighted font type.

Used in that way, dashes lose their effectiveness. Or read it to be sure of your knowledge. The term En Dash will appear when you place the cursor over it. Or use a shortcut: Doughnuts—even the plain ones—are high in calories. An em dash can also suggest a thought or a change of direction, or it can be used to set off an element at the end of a sentence.

How To Use Dashes and Hyphens

It does not matter which grammatical construction you use in listing as long as you are consistent. New York City does not have to be an expensive vacation destination. How to Use Brackets Tips for using brackets parentheses effectively Writers, have you ever found yourselves with a great deal of important information that you want to include in a sentence but had difficulty finding a spot for all of it?

Now, some fonts do contain numbers with exaggerated ascenders and descenders, but for the majority of fonts period-based phone numbers allow for a consistent height across the board.

In many cases, these are compound adjectives. Notice that the information after the colon helps clarify something before it, what the four main aspects of life are.A: Dashes and parentheses play similar roles in sentences, but it’s actually the latter that’s unfashionable—dashes are all the rage.

Parentheses can set off a theme that disrupts the discourse of the sentence, but reference tools like The Associated Press Stylebook suggest minimal use.

Semicolons, Colons, Dashes, and Hyphens Short Answer Questions Complete the sentence with appropriate words or terms. they should be used sparingly in business writing.

dashes For emphasis, use a dash to set off appositives and other _____ elements from the rest of a sentence. nonessential A(n) _____ is used in word division and in. Regardless of whether you use an “em” dash or two hyphens, don’t leave any space before or after the dash.

EN DASH Use an “en” dash to con­nect num­bers in a range. Business Writing Proper Punctuation SEMI-COLONS Semi-colons (the comma with the dot above it) are most often used in two main places: lists where the items in the list have commas in them and to join two sentences together.

Use a dash instead of a comma when you want to strongly set off an idea.

Punctuation Pointers: The Em-dash, Exclamation Point and Question Mark

• Dashes are often used to introduce an abrupt change of thought, while parentheses add information. Upon firing the company’s non-salaried employees—and cancelling the company picnic—the CEO called a meeting with the board.

Sep 22,  · They should be m-dashes, not n-dashes. They are correctly placed, but keep in mind that some stylists consider dashes too informal for business writing. They look fine to me in your text, but if this concerns you, you should replace them with commas.

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Use of dashes in business writing
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